Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I mean really...

...just try saying 'no' to these faces! I may be a tad bit biased but I feel like we've got some good looking boys here.

The Spruiells came to town!

As I've stated before, our kids are really lucky to have THREE sets of grandparents. Grandpa and Grandma Spruiell showed up for a visit a couple weeks ago. They came with hugs, kisses, smiles, and books for the boys and left with sore muscles as these boys love to be held and wrestled with. And boy oh boy do they LOOOVE a grandparent who will pick them up.

As you can tell, the kids enjoyed spending some quality time with their grandpa and grandma.

These Spruiells were definitely sad to see those Spruiells head back to Colorado...


I will admit, I was worried that with Numero Dos, the developmental milestones wouldn't be AS exciting as they were with our first. Kinda like...'yeah, yeah...seen that before'. So last week when I got my weekly email from talking about what developments to look for, I thought 'okay, I'll keep an eye out for that':

"Your baby's hands should be mostly open now and ready to reach out to the world. Although your baby can't grab objects just yet, she can grasp things placed in her hands. And once she wraps her hands around something, she might not let go so easily. She'll also try to bat at objects, so keep potentially dangerous items far from her reach."

I figured this meant I should put him on the play mat a little more as well. So yesterday as I cleaned my pumping supplies, I placed him on his mat. Then I heard the rattle shake. Thinking he accidentally hit it I kept cleaning. Then I heard it again, and again. I looked over to see Ellis staring the sun rattle down. And he hit it again. I creeped closer to him as if even the slightest noise would distract him and the moment would pass. However, he continued to hit it. MY. HEART. SWELLED. with pride. Like a ridiculous smile took over my face as I raaaced downstairs to gather my camera. Hearing that rattle continue on as I ran back upstairs make me feel like the proudest mommy on the planet.

In that moment I knew that I was going to be able to relive ALL of those fun firsts ALL over again...however big or small. It was a very happy moment indeed.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Mikey!

Happy Birthday to a wonderful husband, amazing father, and best friend.

Love, your wife and kids

We're doing something right...

...because Ellis has been paying us back in sweet smiles!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This weekend we took Cavin and Ellis to Habitot in Berkley. Habitot is basically a 'museum' for kids with lots of fun activities. Why I loved it? Because I got to see Cavin paint but someone else cleaned up the mess!

Please. Can anyone take this face seriously? A true Picasso in the making...

And because many of you know how I love little baby hands. Yes, Cavin is still a baby...maybe not to you, but to me.

Making the $$$$!!!

Have I mentioned how obsessed with trains Cavin has become. He threw a FIT not once, but twice, when we tried to get him to leave the train table.

I love my two clowns!

As you can see it was definitely a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon with my boys.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Comedy of Errors

Last night the boys waged war on us and they almost won.

It started off when Mike had to go run some errands for us during Cavin's nap time. Well, then Cavin woke up with a bad cough, screaming, and generally unhappy. Of course, crying is contagious so my super happy smiling Ellis turned into a crying mess as well. This was my first time alone with both boys and it was not getting off to a good start. Somehow I managed to get both boys calmed down and downstairs just as Mike got home.

Fast forward 30 minutes when we decided to take Ellis' footprints for his baby book. Between the blue ink, newborn kicks, and getting that 'perfect' footprint (which didn't happen) it took the attention of two parents. We both left Cavin happily playing with his toys, or so we thought. We quickly learned our lack of man-to-man defense was a bad idea when we looked up to find this:

Yes, Cavin found some foam soap and managed to squirt almost half a bottle of it all over himself and the the same time Ellis is stomping blue ink all over his chair since our attention was diverted elsewhere. And we looked over in the kitchen and Cavin had also managed to dump both dog bowls of water all over the floor. After tearing off Cavin's shirt and taking a picture (always documenting!), I scooped up Ellis and directed Cavin upstairs for his bath. Mike stayed downstairs to clean up the aftermath.

Once I got upstairs, Ellis started crying again at the same time that Cavin just HAD to be picked up and loved on. As I changed Ellis' diaper, Cavin began throwing diapers all around the room in protest. To divert his attention I told Cavin to go get his bath ready. I finished Ellis' diaper to turn around to see our bathroom flooded with water. Cavin found the water scoop and was dumping water on himself while standing outside the bath tub. I put Ellis in the crib, threw his paci in his mouth allthewhile screaming "NOOO!!!" to Cavin. As I ran towards Cavin he tried to jump in the bathtub himself (maybe my face was THAT scary) so he ended up nearly injuring himself in the process as he slid on the wet bathroom floor.

At this point Ellis gave up and fell asleep. Point parents. (What does that make the score? 150 to 1?)

I got Cavin bathed while managing to clean up the floor just as Mike was finishing up downstairs. So he brought Cavin downstairs to feed him dinner just as Ellis woke up. I then stuck Mr. Blue toes in the bath tub where he started to scream. He pretty much screamed off and on for the next hour and a half until I fed him and put him to bed.

As for Mike and myself? Looking back we made a lot of mistakes...but that's how we learn right? One thing is for sure...the only two things on our side last night were our two bottles of Blue Moon beer.

Ellis Island

I recently realized that my previous post gives an entirely new meaning to Ellis Island.

So here I am quarantined on Ellis Island this rainy Monday morning. Daylight savings time just hit adding another hour of darkness this very quiet morning - allowing me to soak in an extra hour of baby snuggles, warm hugs, and kisses before I transferred the little man to his bouncy chair to start the morning chores. This makes my 4:45am wake-up call completely worth while.

I hope your week is starting off as good as mine.

Friday, March 11, 2011


If you look in Ellis' dictionary, there's a picture of me next to the word "crib".

The last couple days Ellis has decided that the appropriate place to nap is on my chest or my lap. While this is sweet and cute, I find myself going a bit crazy after an hour of sitting on the couch. The computer starts taunting me with the new emails, the dirty dishes seem to multiply in the sink, and the laundry machine starts calling my name. I've learned how to strategically place certain things in reach - such as my blackberry, the tv remote, and some snacks. Sometimes when I know it is nap time, I feel like I'm creating my own mini-bunker in preparation for the apocalypse.

After he's completely down for his nap, I've figured out how to slowly get up and move around the house, accomplishing certain tasks at 50% efficiency...seeing as I only have one hand available. It is a battle - do I put him in the bouncy chair so I can get things done and risk a shorter nap? Or do I get the longer nap and one really buff arm when it is all said and done?

Lately, as the debate goes on in my head, I've decided to pull out the camera and document the little guy holding me hostage.

This life really isn't so bad.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy One Month Birthday Ellis!

Well, there you go. Just like month down. It kind of makes me sad to see time fly by like that. It has been a great month! Ellis is a wonderful baby. He sleeps well, eats well, and is generally pretty calm...which is amazing considering his brother is a running sling shot of trucks and hard toys, of which Ellis' head seems to be a magnet for. But Ellis takes Cavin's hugs, hand holding, poking, prodding, and general screaming of "BABY!" all in stride.

This month Ellis starting "coo"ing and "ahh"ing so we could hear his voice...and what a sweet voice it is. At night when he is ready to get up and be fed, he grunts and wiggles for a while before he all out screams and cries. I think that is very considerate of him b/c it takes me a while to get up - just ask my snooze alarm. Ellis has a lot of very serious looks to him. He has these deep, big, beautiful blue eyes that scan the room (probably defensively looking out for his big bro). He furrows his eye brows so much that I'm concerned he will be showing wrinkles before his first birthday. So it was a real treat when we saw Ellis' first 'real' smile...which of course melted this momma's heart.

I'm going to try my hardest not to constantly compare my boys but I do have to say this one time HOW many people are telling me how much Ellis looks like Cavin. And they are right! Even Mike and myself have trouble telling their baby photos apart sometimes.

And let's give a big shout out to the Elmo chair! It's nice to see him back in action. I blame this whole 'monthly picture' process to Cavin's obsession with anything Elmo by the way. Oh well, if Elmo speeds up the potty training process when we get there, I'll sit on this chair and take monthly pictures myself.

Ellis did pretty well with meeting Elmo for the first time. Sure he had some tumbles...

But then found humor in the process...

Now on to Ellis' one month stats!

Weight: 11 pounds, 3 ounces (90th percentile)
Height: 23.5 inches (97th percentile)
Head: 39.25 cm (75th percentile)

Ellis has gained weight like a champ considering he started at 9 pounds, 5 ounces and then dropped to 8 pounds, 2 ounces after leaving the hospital. So he has gained 3 pounds in just over 3 weeks!

A very proud mommy and daddy...

Happy One Month Birthday Ellis! Thank you for blessing our family.

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Which is which?

Cavin or Ellis? Ellis or Cavin?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Move over Sandy...

...there's a new friend in town!

Pari sent some more pictures of Cavin and it is becoming more and more apparent why he comes home talking about "Liam" and "Brody"...they are connected at the hip!

Now I see how Cavin knows his entire alphabet!

And this is why he came home yesterday with blue hands...

Introducing the Liam, Brody, and Cavin band!

The kid LOVES ring-around-the-rosy...