Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy (belated) three month birthday Cavin!

Well it makes perfect sense that I would post Cavin's 3 month update one week before his 4 month birthday huh? Well, that just means you'll get a double dose of Elmo!

Sorry, mommy went back to work and I'm finding that since my time with Cavin went from 14 hours a day to 2 hours a day, the blog took a back seat. We've also had a revolving door of family in / out of town so our weekends have been pretty busy as well.

Okay, enough excuses about being late. Onto the excuses about the messed up monthly onesie.

Unfortunately, my friend Meg is getting out of the onesie making business. After an initial freak-out and thoughts of a taking a permanent marker to Cavin's white onesies, Meg agreed to print out the designs; however, I was going to be responsible for ironing them on (this is more difficult than it sounds!). Of course this resulted in a faded 3 month onesie and a baby who finally realized that although his mommy is very good at making milk, she is not very good at making cute onesies.

I see a lot of store-bought Halloween costumes in this child's future.

Now on to the stats!

Weight: 13 lbs, 14 ounces (70th percentile)

Height: 25.5 inches (95th percentile)

As the months go by, Cavin is showing his personality more and more. Mike and I couldn't of asked for a sweeter, more laid-back baby. During his third month of life, Cavin found his toes, has become obsessed with standing (with the help of one of us of course), started smiling a lot more, and even giggled! At about 2.5 months, he rolled over from his front to back for the first time! He has also started becoming a lot more verbal - making a lot of sounds and perfecting his voice. It won't be too long before he starts asking his grandparents for cookies.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Life, back to 'normal'

So the dreaded day of every new mom's life has come and gone...the first day back to work after maternity leave. I cannot express how difficult it was to leave my baby and head back to work. I felt like I was leaving a part of me behind every day. Deep down, I knew it was the right thing for my family and for Cavin but I didn't feel ready. But I don't think any new mom is ready for that fateful day. Since then it has gotten better, then worse, then better.

On my first day back my co-worker asked me "How does it feel having everything back to normal again?" Oh how this question still makes me chuckle inside.

Normal. Hmmmm....I can honestly say my life will never be what it was before April 20th, 2009...and I've never been more grateful for that. 'Normal' before baby consisted of long work days followed by happy hour, catching up on my celebrity gossip on the bart ride home, dinner with Mike, playing with the dogs, catching up on my favorite tv shows, an early bedtime, and a full night's sleep.

Now, 'normal' means shorter work days with the same amount of work load and increased breaks to pump twice a day, work on the bart ride home, feed Cavin, play with Cavin, bathe Cavin, put Cavin to bed, late dinner while preparing bottles for the next day, logon to my computer to finish up some work from the day, pump before bed, clean my pump supplies, and go to bed late, wake up at 3am to feed Cavin (and lately we are up for another hour afterwards b/c someone is obsessed with rolling around in his crib instead of sleeping), and wake at 5:45am for the day.

Our definition of 'normal' is no where near what it was pre-baby and I wouldn't have it any other way. 'Normal' now is hearing the first rustle of my baby's movement through the monitor in the morning, rushing into his room to watch him wake up and take in the morning, standing there anxiously awaiting for him to notice me, and when he does, being on the receiving end of that enormous gummy smile that says "good morning mommy!". That's a 'normal' I'll trade in a full night's sleep for any day.

The day Cavin wore pink

As many of you know a couple weeks ago, my mom and I walked the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. We each raised $1800 for the cause, strapped on our tennis shoes, and joined thousands of other people on the weekend of July 11 -12th, by walking all across the bay area to raise awareness for this horrible disease.

The motivation behind my mom and I doing this race is two-fold. My mom lost her mom, Grace Hanley, to breast cancer at a very young age. We talked along the race how she still thinks about her own mom - who she was, who she would have been, and how this disease affected her and her siblings who grew up without their biological mother. Secondly, my dear friend Liz Kirk, was diagnosed with breast cancer just months prior to the Avon Walk. Liz is a fighter. And with her energy, stamina, determination, and contagious positive attitude, I have no doubt she will over come this difficult time.

So we walked in memory of my grandmother and in celebration of Liz!

So how did we do??? Well, we finished! (in our own way) Between my mom and her cardiologist's wishes that she take it easy that weekend and me being just 11 weeks postpardum (and having only 5 weeks since I got the green light to start training), I'd say we did pretty well! We walked 16 miles (of the 26) the first day and 8 (of the 13) the next. Next year our goal is to finish the entire thing.

Part of our problem was finding a suitable place for me to pump. Since I am still breastfeeding and was away from Cavin for most of the day I carried my breastpump with me and had to find a private place to do my thing every 4 hours. That set us behind the race a bit so we had to get a ride to catch up. It was very interesting figuring out how to logistically pump at an outdoor race amongst thousands of other people. But it was a walk for breast cancer. I found people very accomodating to me when it came to breast feeding. Go figure.
Avon Walk: Day One

The race started out in Golden Gate park and winded up towards the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a cold morning (low 50s) and the higher in elevation we got, the more fog we encountered, and the colder it became. As we approached the bridge we had to go up some step hills and got pretty deep into the fog. I was under the mentality of getting up the hill as fast as I could then waiting for mom to mosey on up there. So as I was waiting for mom to come up the first hill, I took this picture:

Look at that fog!

Here's mom and I as we are about to enter Golden Gate bridge:

At the entrance of the bridge:

Mom "stretching" (aka an excuse to lay down with her cap over her face and take a little cat-nap) at Mile 12 in Marin County:

Mom and I made it to the half marathon sign on the first day!

Me at Mile 16!

Mom at Mile 16!

Mike and Cavin picked us up shortly after taking these pictures. We were pretty tired and I was missing my baby. If you look closely, you'll see Cavin is sporting a onesie with a breast cancer pink ribbon on it. This was the ONE day that Mike approved my son to wear pink!

Avon Walk: Day Two
We were late to the walk on the second day b/c our friend Dorothy was in town visiting. I really wanted to meet Dorothy's new boyfriend Joshua so we met up with them in the morning so I could meet Joshua and Dorothy could meet Cavin.

Sy, Karen, and Cavin - After taking this picture, Karen asked "Does Cavin look like our kid?" Funny Karen!

Mom and I met up with the race somewhere during Mile 3...and just before the biggest hill that day. Day two of the race is 13 miles all around the city of San Francisco. There were some beautiful views, crazy people cheering us on, and some helpers available to drag mom up the hills...

Some of the cheerleaders motivating the walkers to make it to the top of Potrero hill...
Mom and I made it to the top to take a picture with the city in the back...

Mile 12! One mile to the big finish!! You may remember from my post last year what an awesome job the San Jose policemen do. They ride their bikes along the race, guide traffic, keep everyone safe, and generally entertain us walkers. They even wear pink! Well, move over Mike b/c momma found me a policeman in pink!
Picturesque views along the way....
Approaching the finish line!!!

We made it!!!

And Cavin was there to greet us...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the words of encouragement, good thoughts, and support from all of you! A special thanks goes to those of you who made monetary contributions to our cause so that we can raise awareness for this awful disease and so that my mom and I could spend a fun weekend together walking the streets of the bay area.
Thank you to my contributors:
Karen Almonte
April and Kurt Andres
Adrienne and David Bash
Jennifer Bentley
Stacy, Jim, and Izzy Butler
Suzanne and Wade Clerkin
Alison and Brandyn Coleman
Kim Dobson
Amy, Andy, and Grace Galbraith
Marissa Ghiglieri
Katie and Scott Goodwin
Uncle Bill, Aunt Teresa, and Chico Hanley
Craig and Amanda Harwerth
Meredith Jamail
Jonna, Tod, and Porter Janet
Greg Jimenez
Joan Ludlam
Calvin Martin
Eileen Murphy
Elizabeth Pena
Amy and Chris Ratterree
Amy Spruiell
John and Melinda Spruiell
Michael and Cavin Spruiell
Sarah and Aaron "Superfly" Stai
Lina Taing
Erin, Chris, and Tyler Terjesen
Melissa Williams
We are definitely looking forward to it next year. And we've recruiting someone else to walk with us's a clue: he's 6'2", loves his doggie, and has the cutest baby boy you've ever seen.