Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One step forward, two steps back

Ellis is a diligent kid.  Although he is still a ways away from crawling he's working up to it.  He's strenthening his arms, legs, and attitude...and you can just plain tell he's ready.  Unfortunately for him he's traveling backwards.  But if you left something behind, he's got it!

It may be time to dust off the baby jail...

A BIG accomplishment (pun intended)!

Daddy won major points with his boys when he finished "Cavin's house" (according to the toddler) a couple months ago.  The boys are loving the swing, slide, sand pit, rest area, steering wheel, telescope, and play area.

And although I still stick to my 'this thing is way too big for our yard' stance, I cannot deny the smiles on the kids' faces.  All 3 of them.

The part that mommy likes?  The fact that Cavin points out what our neighbors are doing in their backyard!

Happy Seven Month Birthday Ellis!

(This post is a month and a half past due....the 8 month post is right behind this one...)

Yep, we are having fun around here.

This month was all about sitting up boot camp.  I was ready for Ellis to sit up on his own.  And, frankly, so was he.  So we worked and worked but his center of gravity is just a little higher than the normal 7 month old. That, coupled with his weight, meant it was going to take a little more work.  So instead he grew teeth!  His 4 one came in this month with the 5th one on the way.  No one in this house is happy with the 5th tooth.  We blame it for many sleepless nights and a big purple swollen spot on baby's gum that did not look pretty but did look painful. 

Ellis is all about the consonants though!  In the most exciting news this month (well, to me) he started saying "mamamama", proving he is physically able to call my name.  Now for him to do it on purpose (before he says "dada").  He loves to scream "gaga" too which I just love!  Ellis also likes to do funny things with his face, like crinkle his nose and breath in and out really fast...then giggle.

I cannot explain why...I just love this picture.  Maybe it is the look he's giving daddy.

Oh! And Ellis has been initiated into the official San Francisco bayarian club.  That is, he experienced his very first earthquake!  It was a magnitude 3.6 that happened at 11:36pm on August 23, 2011.  He and I were up just hanging out and cursing that 5th tooth.

Cavin thought it was funny to imitate baby and make fun of him for not being able to sit up on his own.  So here he is modeling cute Ellis...

And here's him modeling falling over Ellis...

Sooo hilarious Cavin.

Since we didn't have a pediatrician appointment this month I don't have stats but I can assure you, this kid is growing.

Happy 7 months big guy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Well, hello there.

So apparently I've taken some time off of the blog.  I didn't quite realize this and I didn't plan just happened.  I guess life got in the way and I needed to refocus on some things. The last quarter has brought about many changes...some unexpected and sad while others promising and comforting.  There's been bad news, grief, too much loss, heart break, and questioning.  But sprinkled in there has been some fun, laughter (like Cavin screaming that he doesn't like my singing), relaxing, and successes.  So instead I've been mentally documenting life.  The ups.  The downs.  And the turns.  And trying to make sense of it all but realizing that sometimes life just doesn't make sense.   

But that's about to change b/c my little brain can only hold on to so many stories before I need to start spilling them out.  And my dear friend the memory card...well she's got some good ones for you too.

So it's time to hunker down and move forward right?  Strap on your seat belts!