Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Ten Month Birthday Cavin!

Back the truck up. 10 months???!!! Just yesterday I was bringing the little guy home from the hospital. Right?? Only two months until his first birthday by the way. Tomorrow I'm going to wake up to him doing algebra homework at the kitchen table.

This month Cavin found the Elmo sitting to be hilarious!


Behind all the humor? Meet Mr. Puppy the Puppet. One of Cavin's many friends that hang out in his room with him from day to day.

Apparently, Mr. Puppy the Puppet had some pretty funny things to tell him during the Elmo photos.

This month, the "mama" and "dada" debate continues. I think we agree that we have no clue. He stopped saying "mama" entirely for over a week. Then yesterday I picked him up at daycare, grabbed him from Pari's arms, he looked at me and said "ma". My heart leaped! He hadn't used his "m" consonant in over a week! But once we got home, everything in the house was "mama". Sigh. He has started to say "da" when he sees the dogs or cat so we have added to the discussions whether or not he is attempting to say "dog"?? I'm sure these debates will continue on for months...even years! Either way, we have some pretty fun conversations.

In other news, Cavin definitely understands when we say "No" and "Where's your ball?". He also is learning to clap his hands if we get him started by showing him first, he's standing on his own more and more now, and he loves gravity. Momma's breaking her back to pick up the towel and the sippy cup and the puff and the spoon oh and now the cracker and the toy and the sippy cup again and now the towel get the idea.

In the most exciting news is that he will walk towards us while holding on to our hands! We even let go of his hands and he took two VERY baby steps by himself and splat! Fell to his face. I'm sure we have a while to go before we can say we've got a walker but it is a start though!

Cavin also loves his set of blocks. This month he has been able to actually figure out where some of the block shapes fit into their respective holes on the lid. But mainly he loves ripping the lid off, throwing it on the floor, then pulling the blocks out and putting them back in then pulling them out and putting them back in then sticking them in his mouth then handing them to you then taking them back and dropping them on the floor.

Now for the stats:

Weight: (TBD as we had to reschedule his 10month appt)
Height: (TBD as we had to reschedule his 10month appt)
Head: (TBD as we had to reschedule his 10month appt)

Happy Birthday little squirt!

"Wait. So this is where you want me to sit mommy?"

Thursday, February 25, 2010

MTV Cribs is calling

Whaaduup??!! Welcome to my crib yo!

He works hard for his money!

This week Cavin has been sick. We don't know what he had or where he got it but between the faucet we call his nose, the old man cough, and the 100+ degree fever we were 'forced' to stay home from work with him for a couple days this week. I was pleased with the timing considering I am having a very slow work week AND my boss is out of town so it wasn't that hard to convince me to stay home and cuddle with the little booger (literally).

By our 3rd day home, Cavin was feeling much better. So much so that I decided to put his energy to good use around the house.

He helped with the dishes.

He did some laundry.

He cleaned the coffee table.

He helped to organize is old clothes into bins.

He unloaded his diapers.

All work and no play makes Cavin a dull boy!

All in all, he was worn out by the afternoon!

Needless to say, he opted to head to day care today.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I double dog dare you... say "No" to this face.

And this is why Cavin got to feed puffs to Sandy last night.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A day at the park

This past weekend we took Cavin to his first trip to the park. We knew he liked his swing at home but were not quite prepared for the reaction he would have to a real live swing!

He looked at the ducks...

Strolled around with daddy....

And swung on the bars like the monkey that he is....

And when he found the sand volleyball courts, he was off! Looks like volleyball really is in his blood!

I think he had a blast because he protested when I said it was time to go home.

Something tells me I'll see a lot of jungle gyms and scabby knees in my future. And, yes fellow Trinitonians, that's a TU sweatshirt the little tiger was sporting.

Baby Blues

It's a tough job.... be a furry friend to the 20 pound bundle running around these parts.

It takes continual supervision...

Constant protection...

And a watchful eye...

We always look forward to his (and our) nap time!

As we are constantly bending over backwards to make sure his needs are met!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Things I've learned recently...

1. Changing a diaper is actually easier while the baby is standing up.
2. How to change a diaper while the baby is rolling over.
3. How to change a diaper while the baby is crawling across the play mat.
4. Losing 6 pounds can make a huge difference in my wardrobe. All of a sudden I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn in a year and a half.
5. Cavin really does understand some things I say and makes a choice whether to act on them or not.
6. True friends are very hard to come by. Therefore, I am even more grateful for the ones I have been blessed with.
7. The bay area is a tough place to live in and it isn't as open as people may think.
8. I have a new party trick - the ability to pretty accurately guess the alcohol content of beer.
9. You may love a certain food...but once you puree it, the looks of it may want to make you vomit.
10. Cavin shows off in front of nana.
11. Cavin actually challenges himself and is pleased when he does well.
12. Sandy is surprisingly gentle around Cavin when it comes to receiving food from tiny fingers.
13. Jerry bosses around a 65 pound blond every day but a 20 pound blond will stop him in his tracks.
14. Toby has caused my husband to hate cats.
15. You can learn a lot about marriage from someone who has spent their life studying marriage, but has never actually been married.
16. Cavin's toes gain superhuman strength when it comes to climbing out of the 'baby jail'.
17. I am sometimes jealous of my baby...who wouldn't love to eat all you can, sleep all you want, and play all day?
18. Neither Mike nor myself are photogenic.
19. I am really good at multi-tasking. But ask me to focus on one thing and I have a difficult time.
20. Great friends bring you cake and send you ice cream.

Monday, February 1, 2010

He sleeps

Every night we sneak in to check on Cavin after he's been asleep for a while. We use the excuse that we need to put a light blanket over him and make sure he is okay, but really it is to catch a glimpse of him in his perfect innocence, sound asleep.

I was able to catch a few pictures of the little guy dreaming away. I apologize for the crib boards in the way. I figured the little angel's face more than makes up for my bad photography.

Happy Nine Month Birthday Cavin!

Uhm....hello??? NINE months! That's insane to me. And to summarize this last month..."energizer bunny". Cavin is bouncing off the walls with energy and we all know this did not come from me. I may have given him is fabulous pale skin, blue eyes, and ability to sleep; however, I am not responsible for his lightening speed crawling, climbing, and constant gibber-jabber (although, in all fairness, Mike may argue with that last one). In other ones, this little one is a blast to be around! He is constantly entertaining, flashing his smile, and eager to include you in his playtime antics.

This month he has begun learning to share. :) He will be playing with a toy, turn around, and hand it over to you. He will of course expect it back but it is a start. He has also officially begun his sports career. That's right. He has a big interest in his baseball and soccer ball...and after a month of trying to eat them, he is finally trying to roll the balls to us. Well, in all honesty, he watches us roll it to him, he picks it up, holds it out, and lets it go out of his hand. That's a big step! It has been a lot of fun trying to play ball with the little slugger.

There is a big debate going on in our household right now whether or not he is associating "mama" with me and "dada" with Mike. He really seems to be saying "mama" when I'm around and "dada" when Mike is around. Of course, there are a few slip-ups. We'll keep you posted. One thing that is for sure is he LOOOVES to say "oooooooo". His day care provider, Pari, consistently reports that he said "oooooo" all day long.

Other than that, he's now standing unassisted for longer periods of time. Last month, I could tell his legs were strong enough but that he just didn't have the confidence to let go. Well now he's been letting go and standing there for about 5-10 solid seconds before he gets distracted and takes off!

This month's Elmo picture proved to be even more challenging. We placed Cavin on Elmo and within a second he would bounce off as if he was playing 'hot potato'. You can tell in the above picture and some of the following what I mean...

He also performed the collapse and roll in order to slide off of Elmo as well.

He started to get frustrated with us for placing him on Elmo so much. Momma just wanted a decent picture!

Something in this face tells me that it is ON for the 10 month shoot!

Happy Birthday my little firecracker!