Friday, December 5, 2008

And I gained weight!

In all the right places....

This picture was taken today at 20 weeks, 5 days...that's about 5 months along.

All is going well. I feel great and the baby is kicking away. Mike has resorted to laughing at me occasionally when he sees me sitting or standing in a way that accentuates my growing belly. He has found humor in the fact that I look like I've just drank WAY too many beers over the last year. Honestly, it catches me off guard sometimes too and it makes me crack a smile. That being said, I still warn him that at some point the hormones will kick in and I'm going to start feeling self-conscious and he's going to make me cry.

His response: "I'm laughing because you are so cute!"

Does this make sense to anyone else?

I will of course remember this when HE has a growing belly. We women have great memories for these kinds of things. :)

Jerry lost weight!

Don't get too excited. It's not like he's been working out or exercising or anything. We all know better. The most exercise Jerry gets is trotting over to Mike for his hourly snuggle.

We shaved the little man!


( was early in the am)

And After!

4 to 2

Males to Females. That's right! We are HAVING A BOY!!!!!!!!!

Sandy and I can handle it.

I mean, look how much we've done with Mike, Jerry, and Toby. Really. What's another 8lb bundle of testosterone? We SO know what we are in for.

Everything measured up perfectly in our u/s and the baby is growing right on track. Well actually, much like his dad, he is outperforming our expectations and is about 5 days bigger than his due date...making his arrival date even more convenient for Grandpa Calvin and Auntie Amy. Yep, there's a small chance this baby may come around April 15th...literally the busiest day of the year for the Martin family.

One of the many highlights of our ultrasound was the somewhat political statement our baby boy made.

So I'd like to think he was just saying "Everything is a-OK in here mommy" instead of "Make Love Not War".

I feel a bit guilty like I'm exploiting my child or something b/c years from now if he reads this blog, he might be embarrassed that I posted the next picture but....oh well....isn't it a mom's right to embarrass her children? So here you go...proof it's a boy...

And some more cute pics of our baby...

So as you can tell, the girls are going to be ALL over him when he gets older! Tyler've got some competition!