About this blog

It all started with 3 furry creatures and how our life revolved around them.  When Mike and I first moved to the Bay Area we found this the perfect way to keep our close friends and family informed of our whereabouts, how we were doing, and what we thought about our new surroundings.  We had a small audience that consisted of close friends and family.  The blog was filled with excursions with Sandy and Jerry, complaints about Toby, and how we thought our life was crazy at the time.  This makes me chuckle. Because....

Then I got pregnant with our first son.  And our life turned upside down.  The blog chronicled the pregnancy, from the growing belly to the cravings, to life with a newborn...then a toddler.  We were just getting a handle on things when I got pregnant again with our second son.  Then it was full speed ahead!  Have I ever mentioned that boys are nuts? Because they are.  But by "nuts" I mean "fun"...most of the time.  But sometimes they drive us crazy...I mean nuts...and that's where the real fun begins...for you guys.  It is no coincidence that my blog audience grew the crazier life became.

So here we are now with essentially 5 kids.  Well sometimes Mike counts as one as well so make that 6.  I've got a cat who attacks me, a dog who suffers from OCD, another dog who draws blood from the other dog, a toddler who seems to be suffering from multiple personality disorder, and a baby who is all-too-quickly learning what an "owwie" is.  And me?  Well, if I've got free time I'm filling it.  I'm either obsessing over child care, working, or planning parties.  I've got my pensive moments too.  I find it cathartic to write so that is what I do.

My current obsession: re-decorating our bland / beige / boring house.  I need all the help I can get so to make fun of my lack of decorating skills, feel free follow me on Follow Me on Pinterest.

So bottom line is life is busy.  It is a lot of fun. And it is ever-changing.  We love it so I'm going to continue to chronicle the ups and downs.  So if you are new to the blog or you've been around for a while thank you for reading.  I'll keep the posts coming!


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