Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby S is the on-deck batter!

19 days and counting people!

Mike, baby, and I took our maternity pictures with Kelly M Photography this past weekend and we cannot wait to see how they all turned out.

As you know (but haven't seen b/c I haven't taken pictures yet), we have done a sports themed nursery. To go along with that, we did a sports-themed maternity shoot...well for half of the maternity shoot. We did some regular outfits as well so don't worry! Kelly has only sent us "teasers" for the baseball themed portion of it though so enjoy!

Anyone think I've had too many peanuts and cracker jacks??

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nightly Rituals

Mike has been traveling the last two weeks for work so it has just been the furry creatures and myself! So last night as I was lying in bed watching the movie Rock Star on VH1, I looked down and around at all the "kids" and realized how adorable they are just before bed time. So I grabbed a few pics of them to share with y'all....

Here's Jerry. He likes to lie on the couture doggie bed that his fabulous Auntie Jen made for him when he was adopted. Jen is my very good friend who is in fashion school in NYC and works for DKNY right now. Anyways, she made Jerry a Denver Broncos themed doggie bed complete with his name on it so that Sandy and Toby know that it is HIS! You cannot tell in the picture but the bottom of the bed is Bronco orange and Jerry is lying on top of his name. He likes to cuddle up to it before we send him to his crate at bedtime.

And here's Sandy....in Jerry's crate. The dogs like to lie in each other's crates for God knows what reason. I personally think that Sandy lies in Jerry's crate to make sure it is warm for him before bedtime. It only makes sense since she is the nicest dog ever to be born and even though Jerry gave her a bloody ear she still wants to take care of her younger brother.

And here's Toby. Mike finally trained Toby to lie on my side of the bed (since I'm shorter there is more room for Toby to lie under my feet). However, since we switched sides of the bed recently, Toby is now on Mike's side of the bed again (which used to be my side). Keeping up? He usually gives himself a little bath before bed time so here he is mid-lick.

24 days

Yep! 24 days until my due date....very hard to believe! Here I am this morning at 36 weeks and 4 days...only 3 days until they consider me "full term".

And, yes, I'm headed to work in jeans on a Thursday. My boss is in Seattle today and I figured a) I'm 9 months pregnant b) I'm getting sick of my maternity work pants c) I'm in no mood to throw on a dress today d) I bought these pair of jeans when I have arguably only one month left in my pregnancy - I best get some use outta them and e) I'm pulling the prego card! If anyone argues with reasons a - d, I will tell them I thought it was Friday (we are allowed to wear jeans on Friday) and "ooops...must be my 'pregnancy brain'".

All in all I've been feeling much better this week than last. I took it easy this past weekend so the swollen feet went down and I stopped getting so hot - although I have a feeling that had a little to do with the 30 - 50 degree weather we've been having. The temps are shooting up to 65 - 75 today through the weekend so I am elevating my feet and (as you can see) wearing short sleeves today.

We (well Mike) *almost* finished the nursery this weekend! He hung pictures, organized some more things...all we need to do is hang a few more things up and we are done! We hope to finish it this weekend and I promise to post pics ASAP. Mike also installed the car seat and I did the most important thing of all - pack Baby S's hospital bag and choose his homecoming outfit of course!

Things have been pretty hectic around the Spruiell household though. I'm frantically trying to get through my last accounting course before I can sit for the CPA exam before the baby arrives...not to mention work is getting busy b/c we have a big project starting up in Seattle. Meanwhile Mike has been traveling some for work and pretty much picking up all the slack around the household since I've become rather worthless when it comes to physical activity. So I apologize to those of you that I owe phone calls to (Stacy, Erin, Eileen, Mer, Jonna, etc)...I promise to call you back soon!!!

And here are some extra pics from this morning when I tried to get the dogs involved in the belly shots...sorry they are blurry, I got distracted with all the licks / kisses I was getting from them.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A little bit of Texas in California

A co-worker just sent me this picture that he took from his cell phone while driving to work today. He found this car driving in his neighborhood in San Francisco. It made my day!

Now some of you may be like "yeah, yeah...it says Houston, TX....what's the big deal??" Okay, the big deal is that there is a general animosity towards Texans here in California. I've never completely understood this...I mean how can people not like those of us from "The Friendly State"? Now this is a big generalization I know. But I don't think anyone can argue the cultural differences between the two states. And the thing is, they are both GREAT states...just very different. So I just found some humor in this picture.

The other thing is, how many times has this car been vandalized? I mean, when I maxed out my TX plates on my vehicle when I first moved here (I really didn't want to give up those TX plates), my car was vandalized twice! And I'm pretty sure it was due to those plates. Or it could be that I was living in Oakland....

So I'd say this guy has guts the size of Texas! YEEHAW!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Did they really just say that?

I'm sure every pregnant lady gets these types of quotes at some point in their pregnancy...usually in the last trimester....but has anyone received this many in one day?? I did! And, truthfully, I find them hilarious!

Yesterday, between my lunch break and running errands after work the following was said to me:

"You look like you are getting ready to pop!" - fellow pedestrian shopper at Barnes & Noble

"You truly are busting at the seams girl!" - store clerk at L'Occitanne

"You are done growing right?" And when I said "No" he replied "You mean you are going to get BIGGER??" - male co-worker

"I'm just waiting for the flip flops." - my boss when I explained why I was walking funny (due to my swollen feet)

"You're enormous." - my boss

"When are you due?? It has GOT to be soon." - store clerk at Banana Republic

"You sure are eating enough for two." - my boss

And the one I'm sure every pregnant lady gets at SOME point in their 3rd trimester...drumroll...

"Are you sure you aren't having twins??" - grocery store clerk

One Month

Today is March 20th, 2009...meaning my due date is exactly one month from today. YIKES!

And in reality, this baby could come anytime before that too...double YIKES!

I've been feeling pretty good, although the 3rd Trimester has hit me pretty hard the last couple days. My feet have started to swell and ache and I've been uncontrollably hot as well. Come the afternoon I am throwing my hair in a ponytail and pulling up my sleeves...yesterday I started eating ice cubes to try to cool down. And y'all know how rare it is for me to actually be hot. Well, I am wearing short sleeves to work and I sleep with no covers on yet I am constantly sweating! Sometimes I think it is a nice change of pace to not be freezing all of the time. However, I'm now thankful that my pregnancy wasn't during the dead heat of the summer in Texas.

We also had a mini-ultrasound yesterday and learned that our baby has quite a bit of hair on his head! I'm not sure why but this made me really excited...to the point where I couldn't stop talking about it all day!! I am just dying to see what our baby looks like and now I know he has hair. heheheehe... I also know that he had one arm over his eyes and one hand grabbing his feet. I'm sure he's a cutie and I cannot wait to meet him!

So let the countdown to the due date begin....31 days...

It's the small things

The animals are on high-alert. They are all acting a bit….funky. They are exhibiting characteristics that aren’t really in their nature. For example, Sandy is rolling on her back for tummy rubs. Uhm, anyone who knows my favorite blond very well knows that she does not appreciate the vulnerable act of lying on her back. Secondly, our sweet Jerry has developed a bit of an attitude. Mike would argue this a bit and he’ll probably get mad at me if I spill all of the details but let’s just say, we let the dogs outside, heard a lot of barking and growling, and Sandy came in with a bloody ear. Those are the facts. And thirdly, Toby has been a gentle “meowing” sweetheart….quite the opposite of his normal day to day behavior.

When the animals begin acting strangely I always think to myself ‘now what has changed in their lives?’ Like the time Sandy was diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) b/c she was drinking too much water (is that possible? Yes.)…turns out she was internalizing the holiday stress that Mike and I were under. She was one stressed out puppy! As far as changes this time around, all I’ve come up with is:

· We spend a lot of time in the nursery. There is a gate that blocks the dogs from ever entering…so they just stare in from the outside…it is quite sad. Maybe I’ll sneak Sandy in there for one of our late night feeding sessions while Mike is asleep…

· My mom has been in and out of town for the last two weeks. They love grandma but hate to see her go!

· When grandma was in town she didn’t eat any sweets and didn’t sneak the dogs any human food behind Mike and my back. Looks like grandma is getting a bit more responsible!

· Mike and I have switched sides of the bed…mainly due to the fact that I can only lay on one side right now (due to my snoogle pregnancy pillow) and getting in / out of bed on my current side multiple times a night has proven rather difficult…so we switched for the next month. This, of course, means that I am now lying on Jerry’s side of the room while Mike is lying on Sandy’s side of the room. Actually, this explains a lot about the bloody ear thing….

· There is an infant swing set up and ready to go in our living room that the animals keep sniffing and nudging.

· There’s a stroller permanently fixed at our front door.

· There’s a bassinet set up in our bedroom where the doggies used to lie.

· Our nightly walks used to consist of Sandy and me walking up front at a fast pace and Mike and Jerry lagging behind. Now, Mike and Jerry are speed racers compared to me bringing up the rear with Sandy pulling me to try to get in the lead again. She gets pretty frustrated with me.

· The obvious….momma’s growin’ belly.

These small changes have made big changes in the way our 3 current “kids” are acting! I’m hoping that they come to terms with some of these changes before the baby arrives…otherwise we’re going to have 3 new animal personalities on our hands! Actually though, a sweet Toby would be a change I can live with….

Friday, March 13, 2009

T minus 5 weeks

Well, the picture is a bit blurry (you try balancing that basketball around your waist while holding a camera steady facing a mirror at 7am while doing everything you can to look cute when you are that huge...sorry, I'm a bit defensive) but one thing is clear - the boy is getting bigger!

This was taken just yesterday at 34 weeks, 4 days...we are almost entering our 9th month of pregnancy!

We have kicked it into high gear here at the Spruiell household. Between the belly expanding, the restless nights, the 5 minutes it takes me to squirm up from lying down to sitting up or from sitting to standing, the onset of some early contractions, and kicks we have been receiving from our baby boy, we have certainly started nesting!

First up, the nursery. Even though Amy, Andy, and Grace donated all of their super cute jungle themed nursery gear to us that matched the jungle themed border already up on the baby blue wall in the nursery - I decided I wanted to do a sports theme instead. Mike sighed but decided not to argue with his pregnant wife and began the process of taking down the jungle theme border. Well, that proved VERY difficult after trying almost everything Home Depot offered. Our last resort was to just cover up the border with something more basic. Here he is hard at work:

He just finished the work last weekend and it really looks great! We have all the furniture in place, have started the massive loads of laundry, and have begun putting together the various contraptions that will apparently help our baby sleep and us maintain our sanity (swings, bouncy chairs, etc). Last night, Mike came home with a bassinet and set it up in our room. He also bought some net type things that will protect our baby from the ever curious Toby. I will have to do an entire post about the multitude of things my husband has done to protect our baby from our vicious animals.

This weekend we have our hospital tour on Saturday and our full-day childbirth prep class on Sunday. We also plan on getting the car cleaned, installing the car seat, and hanging pictures up in the baby room. Grandma Lois will be in town to help finish the laundry and "oooh and ahhh" at the nursery and cute baby clothes. Because lets be honest: Mike does all the difficult work while I stand around and comment while folding and refolding baby clothes - because they are so darn cute!

Prego Perks

Ever since announcing that I’m pregnant, my boss has been on me to “milk it for all it is worth”. In other words, use my pregnancy to get perks, free stuff, people to cater to my every wish and desire. Those that really know me, realize this is NOT in my nature. I’m a ‘do it yourself’ kinda gal. Even though I was raised in the South, I still open my own doors, don’t necessarily expect someone to give me a seat on public transportation (although I do judge men who push me out of the way to get the open seat), and don’t ask for free stuff.

My boss has tried to use my pregnancy to get us tables in restaurants where we’d usually have to wait and tells me to walk on Bart and yell “I’m pregnant! Now give me a seat!” This past December when we were ordering Christmas cards (late of course) and were shocked how expensive they were going to be for our group, he instructed the associate to “tell them your supervisor is pregnant and we need a discount”. Now if you knew my boss, you’d know he was mostly kidding….but as my pregnancy progressed, I began to realize that he was on to something. I started to realize that people smiled at me more – something VERY rare in this part of the country, they gave up their seat on Bart, someone even lifted my 60 pound suitcase down 3 flights of stairs for me so that I could get on the train to the airport.

Well, this has all become rather convenient. And I’m starting to really use this to my advantage….a few examples:

1. People on bart are notorious for ignoring you or pretending that you don’t exist if you are an elderly person or pregnant lady that needs a seat. I’ve even seen a man hobble onto the bart with a cane get ignored by fellow bart passengers. So after spending the first part of my pregnancy standing up on my 30 – 40 minute bart rides every morning and afternoon, I started to get upset and sometimes very angry. One time I had a man literally push me out of the way when a seat opened up so that he could sit down. My face was beat red. But, I did nothing about it. Any time someone did give me a seat it was always an older woman…someone who I felt needed the seat too! To this day I still don’t ask anyone for their seat but I do strategically place myself around groups of men, stand next to them and their seats, and almost stick my belly in their face. If no one “bites”, I start wiggling my legs, put my bags on the floor, and start taking deep breaths….as if I’m really fatigued…which at this point, isn’t much of an act. Eventually, I get a seat. Who are these people’s mothers??

2. Another bart story. There are lines to get on Bart…for a reason. You don’t break the rules. You stand in line for your train door and do not cut in front of any fellow passengers. The seats are first come first serve and if you are last in line, you are screwed. Honestly, at the end of the work day headed on the Pittsburg / Bay Point line, if you are second in line, you are standing on the train. So one day two guys in their early 20s come strolling along as the bart is about to arrive and cut to the front of the line….which at this point is about 15 people long for my train car. An elderly gentleman steps out of line and up to them to inform them of the line (we’ve got procedures people!). The boy promptly responds with an attitude “THERE AIN’T NO SUCH THING AS A LINE!” and proceeds to board the train…first…and he and his friend get the last two seats on the train. Well, this infuriates me! So I board the train and waddle directly up to their seats, face my belly towards them, and look down. They of course do nothing. So a lady sitting behind them offers me her seat to which I promptly respond “No thanks. I’ll take HIS seat” (as point to the dude in his 20s).

3. After 2.5 years of visiting the same Starbucks and ordering the same drink (except de-cafĂ© now that I’m prego), they FINALLY know me and know my drink order. They know my name, how to spell it (no more “Jaimiey” or “Sweet Jaime”), and my drink is ready by the time I pay. This started happening during my pregnancy. I am convinced it is because of the pregnancy (who else orders a decaf at 8:30am?) and I’m sure they will forget as soon as this baby comes out. So I’m enjoying it for now.

4. What cat litter?? That’s right. I haven’t had to clean cat litter in 8 months! Because some cats carry toxoplasmosis around and I have been tested and am not immune to it yet, I am not allowed to be around the cat litter. Apparently it is bad for the unborn child. I feel really bad about this one as poor Mike has had been the sole ‘pooper scooper’ for a while now (and we all know how he really feels about Toby in the first place)…I try to compensate by feeding Toby…but then that just makes the kitty like me more.

5. People have stopped judging me on the cookie obsession. In fact, co-workers have been dropping cookies off in my office when I’m not around. Not sure it is the best thing but it is very thoughtful!

6. I’ve been having a busy week and really needed to cancel my dentist appointment for the next day. So I called them up and asked if I could move my appointment to the next week. The receptionist answered that NOT ONLY was she going to have to charge me $100 “because they already had the hygienist coming in for me” (***rolling eyes***) BUT ALSO that she didn’t have an open appointment for 3 weeks. So I play the prego card and state “Oh, that’s unfortunate. It is just that I’m pregnant….5 weeks until I deliver actually…and have had a lot of appointments this week and I cannot take any more time off of work. And if I don’t get an appt for another 3 weeks…well…that may be too late b/c my baby could be here.” Well, guess what??? Magically, the lady had an appointment cancel for the following week (while we were on the phone? Riiiggghtt…) and fit me in for the same time as well. Oh, and she waived the $100 fee. Point – Belly bump.

7. When I forget things at work (like the senior associate in my group’s name for instance), people find it really funny and make some comment about “pregnancy brain” vs. pre-pregnancy when they would blame it on my blonde hair, therefore insinuating that I’m stupid.

I mean after all of the things we pregnant woman deal with, it is nice to get a little break in the end. And, clearly, I'm starting to not feeling that guilty about it.....