Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Whooooo"se ready for Numero Dos?

We are! ...Meaning he's got a place to sleep...check out the pictures of our completed nursery!

Many thanks to my design consultant (aka sister-in-law Jonna) who endured countless super long emails detailing every little itty-bitty decision regarding this nursery and giving me the confidence to see everything through. Between the gray walls and adding orange into the nursery colors ("but Jonna it isn't in the bedding colors!!"), I'm not sure what this nursery would look like without her insight.

And super big thanks to my wonderful hubby who, without him, this room would be 4 beige walls filled with a bunch of moving boxes, which is not going to win me any "cute nursery!" kudos. He put together the furniture, painted the walls, put up the wall decal, spent way too much time debating how to hang the wall decor ("should it be centered on the furniture or centered on the wall??"), and patiently allowed me to direct him while sitting in the comfy chair and watching him sweat. He also let me make most of the final decisions (he was very unsure about the gray walls) and found the shelving units under the window all by himself!

I'm very pleased with the end product and hope Numero Dos is as well!


Erin T said...

The room is absolutely precious and looks straight out of a PB catalog! Baby Dos is one lucky squirrel!! I'm ready for the phone tree :) XOXO

Mully said...

Baby's room is soooo cute and so totally put together! You guys did a great job! Can't wait to hear some news soon!