Sunday, May 24, 2009


Cavin slept through the night last night!!! And by that I mean, he fell asleep at about 10:30pm and woke up at 5am....a solid 6 hours of sleep for his extremely tired parents! Naturally I did the 'wake up - see 5am on the clock - freak out - jump out of bed to make sure he is okay' thing that every parent does at one point early on in their newborn's life. And sure enough, he was fine...wiggling around and making noises but no fussiness.

That being said, he was up to feed 3 times the night before and every other night before that has been 2 feedings so I'm expecting to be up at my regular 2am and 5am hours tonight, but still...a nice break for mommy and daddy nonetheless.

In honor of this huge accomplishment, I am posting a bunch of photos of Cavin...well...sleeping. :) I've accumulated quite a few and I just think they are adorable so enjoy!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy One Month Birthday Cavin!

Can you believe it? One month has flown by! Maybe it is because 'time flies when you are having fun' or maybe it is because with limited nights / sleep it just feels like one really long day. Either way we are happy to report our baby is happy, healthy, and sporting a very cute onesie for his first birthday celebration!

And before you think otherwise (since we all know Cavin is an exceptional child) he has not learned to sit up on his own yet. We thought it would be a fun idea to take pictures of Cavin on his Elmo chair - compliments of his cousin Grace - on each of his monthly birthdays so we can compare his size from the beginning of the year to the end. Well, this brilliant idea posed a challenge for these two new parents....Cavin cannot sit up on his own and this Elmo chair is pretty darn big for his size. So we did what any new parent would do that was obsessed with getting the perfect photo: coordinate with counts while one held up the baby, the other took the photo before the kid fell over, and then we'd swoop in to catch him before his head hit Elmo's arm. We were unsuccessful a couple times...

Mike's hand letting go of Cavin.....

Mike trying to get back to Cavin mid-fall...

And the result of said-fall by Cavin when we tried to set him up to try again....

The whole process really wore him out!

Cavin's 1 months stats:

- Weigh: 10lbs, 2 ounces (60th percentile)

- Height: 23 1/4 inches (95th percentile)

Happy Birthday Cavin!!

*If you would like your baby to be as stylish as Cavin on his / her birthday, visit my friend Meg's Etsy site at:

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ready, set, pose!

A week after Cavin was born we had Kelly, the photographer who did our maternity shoot, come by to capture Cavin on his one week birthday. Cavin was a star during the photo shoot! He is really getting used to the camera attention (I think the grandmothers prepared him for this with all of the photos they took of him). He was wide eyed and looking around the entire shoot...and no fussing! Kelly asked if I could get him to fall asleep to which I wanted to answer "uhm, lady, if that was the case I wouldn't have these bags under my eyes!"

Here are a few teasers from the shoot...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cavin's Pad

I've received numerous requests for pictures of the nursery to here you go...Cavin's sports themed nursery!

I tried to start with the crib and move to the right all the way around the room so it makes more sense. As you may notice, there is a lot of Colorado team stuff in the room (good thing I like the Broncos); however, I have tried to add Texas team stuff where I can. I guess the only thing missing in the picture that we do have in the nursery is a glider and ottoman.

Special shout outs to:
-Cavin's cousin Grace who donated to Cavin all of her beautiful furniture
- Mike's mom Judy who sent us all of Mike's team pennants
- Meredith who made me a framed photo of Craig Biggio's 3000th hit (we were at the game)
- Craig who gave me a stuffed Reveille
- My parents who gave me a framed picture of Lance Berkman (the Astros 1st baseman) and a Yao Ming bobble head...all of which are present in the nursery!

I think my brother may have stolen all of my Texas sports memorabilia or something...I know he has to have the pennants!

Mike refers to this as "Broncos corner"...

And a picture of Cavin hanging in his crib at 1week of life. (Don't worry, we took all pillows and stuffed animals out of the crib subsequent to this picture once he really began napping in there!)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our on-time arrival: Cavin David Spruiell is here!

Mike and I are delighted to announce the birth of our son, Cavin David Spruiell. Cavin was born at 4:32 a.m. on Monday, April 20th at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. At 8 pounds, 6 ounces and 22 inches in length, Cavin was hefty enough to create quite the labor battle. I began consistent contractions at 4 a.m. on Sunday the 19th and labored for over 24 hours, including three hours of delivery, resulting in a "perfect" 40-week pregnancy (Cavin was born on his due date).

Mike, Cavin, and I made the trip home a few days later and have since been battling dirty diapers and further sleepless nights in an attempt to make Cavin comfortable in his new home. We are of course hoping that comfort level grows soon so we can ease off all the "pampering"! My parents and Mike's mother and step-father were in town for Cavin's birth, joining us at the hospital as well as spending several days with us once we returned home. Their support has been greatly appreciated, and we now recognize that while two loving parents are better than one, four loving grandparents cannot be beat.

I apologize for taking such a long time to post anything on the blog (and even then essentially copying an email Mike sent y'all earlier in the week) but I have barely found the time to log onto my email, much less update the blog and send out pictures. Hopefully the cute pictues I am posting of our little guy will more than make up for the fact that I was late at updating the blog.

Please know we appreciate all the thoughts and support we have received and we look forward to introducing our new pride and joy to everyone in the near future.

Just after delivery....

Mike and I got sick of our room and decided to go on a walk around the floor with Cavin. I was able to walk about 20 feet before needing to return back to the room due to exhaustion. :)

Cavin's first pediatrician appointment the day after we were discharged...

And more importantly, the outfit he chose to wear to his first pediatrician appointment (notice the "Cool Spruiell" onesie and Texas A&M socks - gig 'em)...

At home...

Go Broncos!

And our first family picture (minus the furry creatures) outside in front of the lemon tree...