Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another on-time arrival: Ellis James Spruiell is here!

Mike and I feel so blessed to be able to announce the birth of our second son, Ellis James Spruiell. Ellis was born on Friday, February 4th at 9:36pm, resulting in another "perfect" 40 week pregnancy as, like his brother Cavin, Ellis was born on his due date. At 9 pounds, 5 ounces and 22.5 inches in length he was clearly fully "cooked" and ready to meet us. In complete contrast to my 25 hour labor and deliver of Cavin, Ellis took maaaybe 6 hours to get here. And boy oh boy did he enter this world in dramatic fashion.

After my OB told me I had made no progress (dilation wise) on the morning of February 4th, I began consistent contractions around 1:30pm that quickly increased in frequency and strength until I called Mike at 4:30pm to tell him he might want to come home from work early. At around 6pm, the contractions were quite strong to where I couldn't talk or really do anything during one; however, they were still about 6-7 minutes apart...not close enough to head to the hospital. Around 7:30pm, I just got this feeling (call it nerves, anxiety, plain scared!) that we wouldn't make it to the hour drive into the city. The very next contraction was stronger and longer than anyone prior to that. I barked at Mike to "come get me"! As he stood next to me wondering what that really meant since I also barked at him when he touched me...and then again when he didn't. We both knew it was time to go. Every contraction after that was within 3 minutes of one another. We were out of the house within 6 minutes (or two contractions). Little did I realize that is when I was probably entering the 'transition' part of my labor - 7 to 8 cm dilation. Before we had backed out of the garage I had snapped at my mom and Mike to "shut up!" (they were laughing at Cavin saying "bye bye" and wanting to close the garage door) was then that I realized I needed to calm down if I was going to make it an hour in the cramped car all the way to the city.

I had read somewhere along the way that making low (almost moaning like) sounds actually helped deal with the pain so that is what I did. Every time a contraction hit I moaned "Peeaace" (like the hippie I am not) and "Reeelaaaxxx" and "We are fine..." - basically anything that told myself to calm down. The stronger the contraction got the louder my voice became. My water broke in the car when we were on Van Ness Ave. in the city. After that happened the contractions got a lot stronger and I found myself shaking my head hard from side to side very quickly to cope with the pain.

When we (finally) got the hospital, I was quickly checked and informed that I was 10cm dilated and the "baby was coming". Once I told them I was a 2nd time mom, the nurse yelled something about it being my 2nd baby and what felt like 10 nurses showed up out of nowhere, threw me on a gurney and wheeled me up half naked through the hospital lobby up to the L&D floor as I was yelling for them to "call Dr. Lam!" I felt like I was starring in my very own episode of Grey's Anatomy, minus Addison Montgomery. I was quickly introduced to the on-call doctor and told to start pushing. Ellis' heart rate dropped dangerously low and there was talk of using a vacuum to get him out...that's when I got very serious about pushing. Two pushes later, the little (or shall I say "big) man was out and everyone learned that he had (count 'em) two knots in his cord and his head was pushing against his cord, all explaining the drop in heart rate. Half of Ellis' head was delivered by the on-call doctor and the rest of him was delivered by Dr. Lam (who barely made it!)...the same doctor who delivered Cavin.

We were discharged from the hospital on Superbowl Sunday...just in time to catch the 2nd half of the game. Since then, we've been blessed with having grandparents in town to help, lots of newborn snuggles, and witnessing many kisses that Cavin likes to give his little brother. We are trying to cherish this time as we now know just how quickly this time passes. Ellis is such a sweet baby who has lots of very serious looks to him. He seems to be right at ease with his brother's loud noises too...I guess he has had 9 months to get used to it though.

Now for some pictures!

Just after delivery...

The look on Cavin's face when Ellis first entered the room...

Grandma and Nana sharing some snuggle time

First big bro kiss

Heading home!

Ellis shows off his new quilt that Grandma Spruiell made for him...

And life goes back to 'normal'....


Mully said...

Ellis is so precious! I hope Cavin is adjusting well, he looked a little hestitant in the hospital! But they are going to be best friends before you know it!

Lesley said...

Welcome to the world Ellis! He is absolutely precious and you look fantastic! I can't wait to snuggle him again!