Thursday, September 27, 2012

Little Words Wednesday

Cavin: "I want to go on a boat!"
Mommy: "Really? That sounds fun!  Uncle Tod used to have a boat.  Do you remember Uncle Tod?  He's a firefighter!"
Cavin: "Yeah.  Why is he a firefighter?"
Mommy: "Because he likes to help people and save them from fires.  And do you remember your Uncle Bryan?"
Cavin: "Yeah. He's a police officer!"
Mommy: "That's right!"
Cavin: "Why is he a police officer?"
Mommy: "He chose to be a police officer because he liked to help people too.  In fact he saved many lives."
Cavin: "And he drove a police car!!!  And the people would ride in it b/c he would help them.  And the ambulance would come and pick up the sick people and take them to the hospital. And then his car would say 'wooa!! wooa!! wooa!!' and it drives doooown the street."

Mommy: "What do you want to be for Halloween?"
Cavin: "Not a house.  I want to be a BAT!"
Mommy: "Okay....what should Ellis be?"
Cavin: "a ghost"
Mommy: "and daddy?"
Cavin: "A chicken.  And mommy will be a lion.  No....a tree!!"

Later that evening:
Mommy: "Daddy, Cavin said you are going to be a chicken for Halloween."
Daddy: "What!?  I don't want to be a chicken!!! What if I want to be something else?  Like a.....uhmm..."
Daddy: "Okay...."

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Growing up I had this wonderful dog named Cookie.  She was a black and white shih-tzu so naturally the full name of Oreo Cookie Martin was deemed appropriate.  Cookie was awesome...but crazy.  She chewed the windows, ate her own poop, and frequently set off the house alarm by throwing her body up against the kitchen windows when a bird flew by.  However, she snuggled in bed with me every night, loved to swim, and was my best friend for many years!

I will never forget anytime we opened the front door we'd hear little doggy nails scraping on tile floors as Cookie ran to get outside.  Meanwhile it was a race for us to beat her and close the door before she had a chance to get away!  Because on those instances that she actually beat us out the door, well it was all over.  Cookie would take off!  All you would see was a little dog butt and paws pumping up and down as she'd run farther and farther away.  She was never really after anything in particular...she just loved to run - and FAST!  We never could catch her on foot....we always had to jump in the car and drive around the neighborhood yelling her name.  Such a nightmare.

You know how when someone passes on it is said that their spirit energies can be transferred to another?  I'm not sure if I entirely believe this but I'm beginning to think that if it is true...well then I know who has Cookie's spirit.

I'm telling you, we open the front door and the next thing we see is a baby butt and the bottom of his feet as he runs towards our neighbors house.  He'll run around the entire neighborhood if we'll let him (and sometimes we have).  So you know why we are sometimes walking around the 'hood in our socks.  And when you see this, feel free to rob our house...because in a rush to catch the kid, we've most likely left the door wide open.

I don't know what it is but this kid is obsessed with the outdoors.  And I'm beginning to think he's a marathon runner in the making.