Monday, May 17, 2010

They're twins!

...and I'm not talking about their noses...

The only thing we could do to get Cavin to sit still for the above photo was to give him my cell phone. Sigh...he's going to be as addicted to his blackberry as his daddy.

Team Cousins adds a new member!

Doing a little catch up on the blog posting....

So back during the Easter weekend (yes, I'm THAT far behind) we made a trip up to Seattle to meet the newest member of Team Cousin. Introducing Jameson Julius...

Here's Cavin and Jameson's very first meeting...

Cavin was confused as to why Jameson wasn't as excited as he was for the big get together. Alas, I believe this makes Cavin the only cousin who has met all cousins which means he is the center of the universe. (Jealous Hunter?) :)

Cavin was VERY happy to hang with Aunt Jonna and Uncle Tod for the weekend...

Once Jameson woke up from his nap, he stretched and yawned....

...and then showed off his neck strength during tummy time!

He met Uncle Mike and instantly felt at ease.

The next morning we took the boys to the Seattle Aquarium where they met starfish, sharks, and one giant octopus!

And they generally goofed around quite a bit!

After a bottle break, we headed home for some afternoon naps.

On Easter morning Cavin woke up to some surprises from the Easter bunny outside his door!

And Jameson got decked out in his Easter best!

All in all it was a very fun weekend. I was happy to get lots of cuddle time with the sweet newborn!

We were all a bit sad about leaving the J house. Jonna and Tod - you have a beautiful baby boy there...thanks for being great hosts!

Cavin was a bit sad to go back to his 'cousin-less' house in California...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dear Cavin -

I've been putting off this post b/c I have struggled with the right words to describe the feelings I get when I think about my little guy being one year old. How did it go by so fast? How did he change so much before our very own eyes? And how could someone who is only 2.5 feet tall teach me so much about myself and my life?

Cavin - in your one short year of life, you have taught me patience. You have taught me how to shrug things off. You have taught me to play, smile, laugh, and to stop and appreciate the small things. You have literally made me slow down and look at the trees, and the light, and the flower, and the light, and the dog, and the light, and the cat, oh and the light, and the car, and the grass - and you've made me appreciate these things all over again. You have taught me to stop worrying about things that will occur in the future and to slow down and think about what is going on right now...because that is what is important. You have taught me that taking even the smallest risks (that first step) can lead to big rewards and that a tumble or two along the way can be a fun thing versus a disappointment. You have enforced the point that stumbles and mistakes are a necessary part of life and it is how we deal with them that define our character. You my dear boy, smile and laugh through everything and I've learned that I want to be just like that. So many times you are trying to be like your parents - mimicking our words, actions, what we eat, and how we do things. Yet I find myself watching you and how you do things...and wishing I was more like you...from your posture (seriously you've got strong core muscles) to your wonder, your concentration, the way you laugh through life.

I have learned to let go of the control and to hand you the reigns. You will grow and develop at your own pace. I used to think I had to control everything and if I made one wrong decision that you would end up in a hospital and, frankly, that was exhausting. You have taught me that I cannot control everything and that it can actually be FUN to wait and watch and anticipate when things will happen.

You have also reminded me how much I enjoyed photography back in high school. Not that I'm any good but you've allowed me this creative outlet that has made me happier...and you've given me some great shots to be proud of along the way. Same thing for music. I used to enjoy singing and, again, I don't have the most beautiful voice but you have provided an interested audience for me - however painful it has been to your ears.

My little bunny, you have made me a better person and a better wife. Raising you has been difficult for your daddy and I at times but over the course of the year has made us stronger as individuals but even more importantly as a couple. Sometimes when we start to raise our voices with each other, you start babbling really loud too, which forces us to laugh, gain perspective, and talk things out in a more rational matter. Both of us have become more understanding and patient because of you.

You have taught me that some things are just instinctual and to trust my intuition. Sometimes we don't know why we do things, how we know certain things, or why we feel the way we do but that you just have to go with your gut feeling. Kind of like when you are upset and just fall to the floor and roll on your back because it makes you feel better to release that frustration or when I know that you woke up crying because of a bad dream as opposed to teething or being sick. It is that certain cry that I cannot describe...but just know. Because you are my child. And I'm your mom. And I trust my intuition.

My co-worker and friend, Mimi, mentioned to me that she thought you would turn out to be a college professor when you grow up because you seemed to really focus in and study whatever toy you were playing with at the time. I look at how much you have taught me over just one year of life and think that she just might be onto something. Sometimes your concentration on one task will just amaze me. Times like that I think you are just like your daddy. But then sometimes you race from one end of the room to another attempting to accomplish 5 tasks at once. It is then that I think 'yep, you are mommy's child'.

I often sit and wonder who you will be when you grow up. What you will be like or look like when you are 7, 15, 21, or 30 years old. Will you be a bit of a trouble maker? Will you be a quite type? Will you be a professor, an artist, a doctor, or a small business owner? I sit and think what can I do here and now to ensure you remain happy, healthy, have a relationship with God, to receive from the world all the things that you deserve, and to give back to those in need? Should I be reading to you more? Telling you stories? Not allowing you to watch tv? Then I remember all you have taught me over the last year and realize the only thing I can do is to be the best mommy I can be…to lend you an ear when you need it and to comfort you when you are hurt. And I hope I am that to you little one.

Happy Birthday honey. I love you more than you will ever realize.

Happy ONE YEAR Birthday Cavin!

HE'S ONE! We did it! We made it through the first year successfully - with a happy and healthy baby, happy daddy, and very happy mommy. I cannot speak for the animals but I think they are happier too.

This month has been very exciting! Cavin is a burst of energy and personality. When he is frustrated he lets you know by flopping to the floor and rolling on his back. When he is happy he bobs up and down on his knees while laughing. When he is bored he babbles about his day. He loves to be around his mommy and daddy and has become just a tad bit clingy. He's also shown some independence. Sometimes if we feed him a certain food he won't take it...but then he'll grab it off his plate and put it in his mouth by himself.

Cavin is also drinking white cow's milk, has 6 teeth, and added the word "light" to his vocabulary. It is by far his favorite word. Every single time he sees a light - I mean we are talking lamps, candles, light outside, pictures of lights - he says "light". The kid is fascinated! His vocabulary includes "light" (obviously), "dada", "mama" (but not as much as "dada" but definitely when he is upset still...sigh...), "dodee" (translated to 'doggy'), and "ca" or "kitty". He loves to point at everything, give high fives, turn lights on and off when you ask him to, brush his teeth, and play chase.

And the most exciting part is that Cavin has begun walking! Last week he walked up to 14 steps in a row. I gotta tell you, we were getting impatient. Since he was crawling at 6 months and standing at 6.5 months everyone had their bets on Cavin walking by 10 months. Well, that didn't happen. I kept trying to explain to him that there were more efficient ways of transportation but, as I've learned, everything is in his own time.

So see for yourself! Here's a video of Cavin walking to daddy and back. Also notice how Mr. Show-off walks blindly back to me with the football in his mouth and then celebrates at the end.

This month's Elmo picture proved much easier than in month's past. Something about being a mature one year old meant that Cavin would sit there for a long enough to time to actually give mommy a couple of great choices for Elmo shots (gasp)! But you'd rather see the funny ones so here we go:

I call this one 'Rockette Cavin':

And 'crazy Cavin':

And there's the J-Lo booty shot:

Now on to the stats:

Height: 31.5 inches (90th - 95th percentile)

Weight: 23 pounds, 9 ounces (50th - 75th percentile)

Head: 48 centimeters (95th percentile - still a Spruiell noggin')

Interestingly enough, our pediatrician said that if he continues to grow at these same percentiles he will be 36 inches tall, be 28-29 pounds, and have a jack-in-the-box size head (just kidding about the head part) by the time he is 2 years old.

Happy First Birthday Cavin! Here's to many more cakes in our future...