Monday, August 27, 2012

10 Things

I've looked back on some of my recent blog posts and geez I've been a wet blanket lately.  And in reality, yes we've been really busy over here on OK drive; however, we've still managed to smile and laugh a lot.  So here's ten things that have made ME smile recently:

1.  Birthdays

2.  The Boys

3.  Monkeys

4.  Independence

5.  And the watchful eye...

 6. Baby Blues

7.  This look

8.  Alternative ways of parenting

9.  Picture perfect smiles

10.  Celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary as a family with smores in our backyard

Until next time everyone!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A video for ya!

Well hello everyone!

Hopefully I'm back to my regular posting now after a brief hiatus.  So there's a lot that's happened over the last few months (Ellis learning to walk - he's now running and jumping, the boys' birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Cavin's 1st day of preschool...just to name a few).  Another things that's happened is one of my fellow blogger friends introduced me to this program called picture movie...and well, this is the result: 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Where am I?? I'm here I swear!

This has been one tough month.  I'm in my 'black hole' as mom used to call it.  Mom and I used to talk at least once a week...if not more.  Then all of a sudden if she heard nothing from me she'd leave me messages one after the other screaming for me to come out of my black hole.  It was our 'key word' we shared that meant "you are working too hard...I'm worried about you and call me the #!@$ back."

Well, I've been in my black hole this month. I cannot remember the last time I was this busy with my job, had this much pressure on me, and cannot seem to keep my head above water.  To say I'm overwhelmed would be grossly understated.  Between work, the kids, the responsibilities, oh yea, and did I mention that this is Mike's busy season at work too?  And the guilt!  My Lord...the guilt I feel for literally running into preschool to find that Cavin is yet again the last kid to be picked up, the guilt from missing deadlines, overlooking things, the forgetfulness...

I need a new black hole.  At least when I stopped hearing from mom it meant she was off following fake Elvis around or hiking up a mountain somewhere in Utah.  I want my mom's black hole.

Mom. It has been 7 months today.  It is selfish to say that I miss how much you worried about me and this black hole I find myself in from time to time.

I love you.