Tuesday, July 3, 2012


How the hell are we at 6 months?  I guess time flies fast but it seems like just yesterday that I was telling mom in the hospital that Ellis was 'sorta kinda almost close to trying to crawl' and that I couldn't wait for her to see it.  And now he's walking, running, jumping, climbing, and talking.  So it happened.  6 months flew by, life continued, yet the memories of my mom remain unchanged.  Her courage, fight, patience, love, humor, faith, and love of family...no matter how much time passes, the things she left on this Earth and in our lives and memories will always be there.  And I will never stop thinking about them.

Mom with her siblings, my grandmother, and grandaunt

I often find myself wondering why God could of taken such a precious person from me, from my family, at what seemed to be 'too soon'.  The only reasoning I come back to is that her work on this Earth was complete.  And I can see that.  She taught me so much, including how to love, cry, be vulnerable, take care of my kids, be honest, be independent, be a good friend, treat others the way you want to be treated, to be strong, and to care for others even when they don't seem to care for you.  She taught me one million more things and she did SO much for SO many others too...but the bottom line is God thought she had done a good enough job in this thing called life that he was ready for her to come home to Him.  So that she did.  And that's how I have to think of this.

I love and miss you mom.  Every darn day.

Mom and I