Friday, November 13, 2009

One hot blond

Since Cavin arrived, we feel like the dogs haven't received the attention that they once did. And as the weather got colder I realized that Sandy hadn't nearly gotten in as many swimming opportunities as she was able to in her younger years. So I insisted we head out to Berkeley a few weekends ago so our 'hot blond' could do one of the things she does best: run after flying objects amidst crashing waves and seaweed.

Notice the Frisbee up in the air way out in front of her. Note to everyone: we arrived at the beach with one Frisbee and left with the same one. This girl is TALENTED when it comes to finding that thing in the ocean. Although she nearly gave momma a panic attack, it is always fascinating to watch!

Cavin enjoyed the sights too! After all, this was his first sight of the ocean, sand, beach, and Sandy's swimming!

Naturally, Jerry wanted no part of the water. In fact, in true Jerry form he was so excited to jump in the car and go somewhere; however, once we were there, he waited at the back and constantly gave us clues that he was ready to go. The only time he came close to the water was to be on the recipients end of a hug from Mike.

Another one of Cavin and I bundled up. Don't be fooled by Sandy's swimming, it was COLD that day.

Two very happy furry creatures...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Sixth Month Birthday Cavin!

Cavin was a his 6 month Elmo photo shoot. So we didn't necessarily get a "mommy approved" picture of him and Elmo. It did make for an interesting photo situation though! The second we put him down on the Elmo chair he started wiggling around. He ended up stomach down on Elmo at one point. In general, this child wants to go everywhere but where he is at the moment and he wants to go there fast!

At one point we just sat him on the ground so he could get his pent-up energy out. That's when his attention shifted to his toes. Ayayayay!

Then he turned around and gave Elmo a 'i mean business' stare - down.

Finally, after all this (and a few more Cavin antics), the only way we could attempt to get a decent picture was if Mike sat Cavin on Elmo ON his lap. But then Cavin started crying.

Sigh. We will try again next month.

As you can see from these pictures, Cavin is a mover and a shaker! The most exciting part is that by his 6 month birthday, the boy was crawling 5-6 steps! He'd crawl, collapse, get up on all fours again, and crawl a few more steps. He's traveling fast! Meanwhile, Mike is frantically child-proofing the house.

In addition to learning to crawl, Cavin is sitting completely unsupported, becoming more verbal, and, unfortunately, got his first cold. When he was sick he learned the art of sympathy. He learned how to 'play' his parents and his doctor VERY well. Now, anytime he wants attention he coughs or cries...and then smiles and laughs the minute we give him the attention he feels he deserves. Pretty sure Toby doesn't rule the house anymore....

Cavin definitely has quite the personality. He's learning more and more each day how to communicate when he wants something. He's also learning how to figure some things out himself. He's great at entertaining himself and can even soothe himself back to sleep when he wants. He's so sweet, charming, loves to play with his toys, and really loves his other furry siblings. It has been an indescribable feeling watching our little boy grow up and learn more and more about the world around him. He amazes me every day.

Now on to the stats:

Height - 28.5 inches (95th percentile)

Weight - 17lbs, 3 ounces (50th percentile)

Happy 1/2 year birthday big boy!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chick Magnet

Happy Halloween everyone!

Many of you may remember the infamous year when Mike dressed up as a 'chick magnet'. This was in his "swingin' single" days before his life was blessed by myself as his better half. He wore all white and made these little chicks (with yellow puff balls and eye balls) and pinned them all over himself. It was classic and by far the best Halloween costume I've seen to date!

Well, as they say, 'like father like son'...Cavin has come up with his OWN version of 'chick magnet' for his very first Halloween.

To celebrate his first Halloween we took Cavin to the local pumpkin patch that is owned by one of Mike's friend's family in Clayton. The place is amazing! It is full of fun activities including mazes, hay, trains, and of course pumpkins. Cavin was a little too obsessed with the hay.

Before we went though, he got a nice long nap with Grandma.

When we arrived at the pumpkin patch there was so much to see!

No matter where we were Cavin found hay and would try to eat it. He'd grab a big chunk of it in his hands and go straight for his mouth:

Stage One: "Hmmm...what's this....this looks like fun!"
Stage 2: "Mmmmm....yummy!!!!"
Stage 3: "Daddy, WHY are you cramping my style?"
We finally got a good picture of Cavin with the hay; however, Mike had to sit in the picture with him to regulate the hay intake. If you look rather closely, Cavin has hay all over him!

Cavin also got to pretend to be a mean Halloween cat (aka Toby)
And a zombie / mummy (aka his mommy for the last 6 months)!

And finally, as my dad would say, he got to act like Linus and wait for the Great Pumpkin!

All in all, a successful first Halloween!