Sunday, September 11, 2011

A new perspective!

Since Ellis was super young, I've always said I don't care if he can crawl, stand, or walk as early as Cavin did.  I  just want him to be able to sit-up.  I thought it would make life a little bit easier on myself and on Ellis.  For one, it allows the boys to play with one another a little easier.  And two, it allows Ellis to 'defend' himself from his big brother a bit more!

Another added benefit?  Staring at brother, daddy, mommy, the cat, the dog, the other dog, the kitchen, and the blocks on the floor is much more interesting than staring at our white ceiling.

So I present to you....upright Ellis!

Now that's he's vertical, he's moving on to bigger and better spelling.

Move over Uncle Tod

...there's a new firefighter in town!