Saturday, October 13, 2012

More Little Words

Last I checked I've been on health kick trying to lose the last 5 pounds from my pregnancy with Ellis.  I thought I was doing pretty well...that is, until my conversation with Cavin yesterday morning.  Now I'm questioning my efforts!

Cavin: "Mommy, let's do it again!"
Mommy: "Let's do what again honey?"
Cavin: "Your was big!  Let's paint Ellis' room.  Ellis will get in your tummy, we'll paint his room, and then he'll come out of your tummy again."
Mommy: "Uhhhmmm..."
Cavin: "Well, first I'll get in your tummy, we'll paint my room...then Ellis will get in your tummy and we'll paint his room!"
Mommy: "That's not quite how it works...and you two are a little too big for mommy's tummy right now."
Cavin: "I know!  We'll BOTH get in your tummy!!"

Cavin in my tummy
Ellis in my tummy

I don't think I could fit two of them at the same time.  One made me big enough!

And then today....

Cavin: "Mommy, are you married?"
Mommy: "Yes"
Cavin:  "Are you married to daddy?"
Mommy: "Yes"
Cavin: "Why are you married to daddy?"
Mommy: "Well, because I love him."
Cavin: "And because you are a woman?"
Mommy: "Sure. That too."

Well, that was a fun and unexpected way to show off some old pictures!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Little Words Wednesday

At the dinner table...

Daddy and Mommy: "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy...."
Cavin: "NOOOOO!!!!!
Daddy and Mommy: "...Spirit.  Bless us oh Lord for..."
Mommy: "Why not Cavin?"
Cavin: "Because I don't want you to!!"
Daddy: "Well then, it looks like you are going to need to go to Church then..."
Cavin: "NOOOO!!!"
Daddy: "...because you're not praying."
Cavin: "I don't WANNA go to Church.  I WANNA pray!"
Daddy, Mommy, and Cavin: "In the name of the..."

In the morning as I'm walking out of my closet...

Cavin: "Mommy what are you wearing??"
Mommy: "What do you mean? I'm wearing my clothes for work."
Cavin: "No, WHAT is on your legs?"
Mommy: "They are called tights."
Cavin: "They are black.  Your legs are black.  I have a new mommy!!!!"
Mommy: "No you don't, I'm just wearing black tights and a skirt."

15 minutes later downstairs...

Cavin [Running between the kitchen and living room]: "I have a new mommy!!! I have a new mommy!!!!"

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I have always loved the month of October.  When September closes down and we start to see the 29th and 30th on the calendar I get giddy with anticipation.  October is the gateway to the holiday season - pumpkins pop up everywhere, the weather begins to cool a bit (unless you live in the bay area), and people start talking about parties, time off, and seeing family.  I am reminded that my dad's favorite holiday is right around the corner - Halloween!  Growing up we used to eat candy corn for months straight under the guise that it was "cholesterol free" (we have a family history of super duper high cholesterol)...but really candy corn was just another way to celebrate the month.

October was also one of my favorite weather months in Texas.  The 100 degree and humidity is usually behind us and cooler breezes show up.  And now in California, October means the leaves are starting to change colors...something I've never seen until I moved here.

And now there's yet another reason why I like this month.  October was also the last month I had with my mom before she was admitted to the hospital in early November.  And we had fun.  Well she had a lot of fun and then flew to California and we had a blast.  Mom traveled to San Antonio, bounced around the city like it was her job, and tired herself out so much that she passed out in a chair in the hotel lobby, and was awoken by the hotel manager saying she needed to move (true story). She was supposed to drive home to Houston that day but called me laughing and retelling her story - I convinced her to stay another night.  Then she watched her favorite Elvis Tribute Artist, Cody Slaughter, who threw her a sweaty scarf from onstage and my mom squealed like a 15 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.  She spent some quality time with some of her best girlfriends, including Joyce Luza...who ultimately wrote her a letter (along with Barbara Glidewell) every other day while mom was in the hospital.  I'm so glad that in the month of October, mom was able to spend time with her friends.

Mom flew to California just before Halloween.  She was tired and frazzled because she was intent on helping her dear friend, Kathy Ellis, get her business website for Diva Doodles up and running.  She spent much of her time here in California on the phone acting as Kathy's business manager and 'putting others in their place' because they were behind deadlines to get the business online prior to the holiday season.  She essentially took over Kathy's business while her best friend fought her battle with cancer.  Because that's what mom did.  She took care of people and got shit done.

When Halloween rolled around I'll never forget the crate of costumes we spilled out all over the living room floor.  Mom and I dug deep into the crate pulling out Winnie the pooh costumes, graduation gowns, hats, wigs, and crazy pants trying to come up for something to wear to our party.  Mom found some sort of concoction between a black graduation gown, scarf from my closet, and black hat, called herself a witch, and then proceeded to eat and play with all of Cavin's and Ellis' friends.  She spent half the party trying to get Cavin's friend, Jenna, to kiss him!  And on Halloween she trotted Cavin all around the neighborhood like the proud nana that she was.

So I could choose to look upon October as the beginning of the end or I can focus on the fond memories that I have always had of that month and the fun that mom truly enjoyed before November 7th rolled around.  I choose the latter.  Because that is what mom would of wanted.  She and I friggin' LIVED the entire year for the holiday season so, at this moment, I choose to celebrate this month with open arms.  November may be another story....because I'm pretty livid with November right now.

It has been 9 months mom.  Raise your glasses to the good witch!