More About Us


He's the daddy...a great dad at that!  He's kinda the brain behind our operation.  Mike is from Colorado but began his career in Houston (where he was lucky enough to meet me!).  After bad experiences at Enron and Reliant he went back to get his MBA and then landed a great opportunity in the energy industry in the bay area.  And just click here to see a little bit of what Mike does best.


That's me!  The crazy mom who somehow keeps these boys in line. I'm from Texas (yeehaw y'all!) and began my career there as well.  Once Mike landed his new job, I hopped on board to show these Californians what we Texas girls are all about.


Our (literally) crazy 9 year old male cat.  Toby found me at my apartment complex in Houston when he was just weeks old.  He followed me up 2 flights of stairs, walked right on into my apartment, and has been mine ever since.  Toby is....a challenge.  He bites and is just randomly mean.  He pees on our carpet occasionally and then will act super nice when guests arrive.  He's unstable.  Mike is ready to get rid of him as soon as I say the word.  But I just don't think I could do it.  I keep trying to tell Mike that it is Toby who is killing all of the spiders but Mike doesn't care.  You can read more about Toby here.


The hot blond!  Sandy is our 8 year old lab mix.  The only other female in our family!  She is the  Can you tell who she belongs to?  I rescued Sandy when she was just 13 weeks old roaming the streets in Magnolia County.  I'm so glad she did b/c she has been through my side through a lot.  Here's one of my tributes to Sandy.


Jer-bear is our 7 year old border collie /springer spaniel mix.  When we first moved to Oakland we decided that Sandy needed a companion...someone to play and mess around with...a friend to burn energy with.  And that's exactly what we got. NOT!  Jerry could care less about running around with other dogs...he just cares about getting hugs from Mike.


'The toddler tornado' as I like to call him.  At almost 3, Cavin is our oldest.  He's super fun, loves to run around, and just be active.  He is also a talker around those he feels comfortable with.  He fills any kind of silence we have in our home with a "mommy whatcha doing!!!???" or by randomly singing his ABCs song.  He constantly makes us laugh...and cry.   He's a smart and great kid.  You can read Cavin's birth announcement here.


Ellis is ONE.  I cannot believe this fact.  Such a BIG boy - literally and figuratively.  In general, Ellis is forced to go with the flow because his brother pretty much sets the rules as to what he is allowed to play with or not.  But Ellis is learning that he himself has an opinion too and is starting to voice it.  So things could get interesting here.  In general, Ellis is such a happy and smiling kid.  He loves to follow his big brother around and is way crazy about his baths.  You can read Ellis' birth anouncement here.