Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cookie Monsters

Our very good friends, Craig and Amanda, sent us a cookie bouquet in celebration of Ellis' arrival.  I wish I could say we stared at its beauty for a long time but, alas, the thing was demolished in a matter of minutes.

We enjoy cookies around here.

I personally ate 4 of the 7 (oops!).

Happy Three Month Birthday Ellis!

This baby? He's a happy one! At his 3 month check-up the nurse pointed out that he smiled at everyone that walked past him in the waiting room. And his pediatrician diagnosed him as "a flirt". Seriously, it isn't hard to get a smile from this one...and we are loving it!

I'm a little late (two weeks!) on this post so I'll try to keep 3 month developments in this post and save the other ones for his 4 month post - b/c there's been a lot going on with this guy recently.

This month Ellis started playing with his voice a lot. He loves to make some crazy sounds - and then of course smiles about them. He also found his hands and boy does he love them. But the big developments were that he slept until 5 am two nights and he rolled over from his tummy to his back!

And just to prove he does cry sometimes...

Now on to the 'jolly green giant's' stats:

Weight: 15 pounds, 4.5 ounces (90th percentile)
Height: 26.75" (100th percentile!)
Head: 43cm (90th percentile)

Happy 3 month birthday Ellis!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Quilt!

As many of you may remember from when Cavin was a newborn, my best friends from college make a quilt for each new baby that enters the Rosemont family. So when Ellis' quilt arrived I could not contain my excitement! What colors would it be? What would the 'theme' be?? What would it look like?? Would Ellis be as excited as I was?

Well, I was blown away! Another job well done Rosemont! The quilt is gorgeous. The colors and fabrics match Ellis' room perfectly and I LOVE the shirt is adorable! Between the various shirt designs, to the #2 jersey (!) and the bold colors, I cannot stop looking at it. And the details are stunning! Seeing the quilt brought tears to my eyes as it made me so grateful that I have friends who put so much thought and care into something for my baby boy. Ellis couldn't wait to throw on the 'ole TU onesie and model his new quilt.

We also love how the back of the quilt matches Ellis' owl decorated nursery!

I feel so blessed to have some of the best girlfriends a girl can have. Karen, Jen, Erin, Katie, Amy, Rebecca, Keely, and Stacy - thank you for theme planning and gorgeous fabric. Jen and Sharon - I am amazed at how these quilts always turn out. You two have some serious talent! I know how hard you work to make these quilts so I cannot say enough how special they are to me and my family. Ellis will enjoy this for years and years. Who knows? Maybe he'll be eating taco cabana on this quilt in his dorm room at Winn Hall one day. Just sayin'....

Until then, it's tummy time!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ellis and I have some good friends!

So as many of you know, I got bells palsy for the 2nd time and pretty much took a 6 week 'time out'. My mom flew in to help, I rested, got treatments (physical therapy, acupuncture, massage), and just tried to simplify my life since it is a stress-related illness and the only thing that helps your body is to relax. Well, that's easier said than done.

Up until the diagnosis, Ellis and I were enjoying my maternity leave. We were getting out and seeing our mommy / baby friends around town - going to play groups, eating out, working out, shopping, and getting all the stuff done that you never have time to do! Once Mr. BP came to visit and we found ourselves confined to the house it was a bit of a shock. However, we were pleased to see how many people came to visit, bring us lunches, dinners, cupcakes. Before we knew it Ellis was sharing his play mat with a new baby friend every day!

Teagan visited us a few times. She is either going to be Ellis' BFF or girlfriend (relationship status: TBD) as they'll be spending every day at Pari's while their moms go to work in SF. :)

Fritz is Marisa's sweet boy! He was a big fan of Ellis' bouncy chair. Every time Fritz comes over, Ellis takes a reeeaally long we'll need Fritz to visit more often.

And here's Ryan. Ryan and Ellis were born just days apart in the same hospital!

And then there's Clara! Clara's big sister Jenna is one of Cavin's friends so she gives Ellis lots of advice on how to deal with the older sibling.

And some more of Teagan and Ellis...

Lucas and his mom also came by but he was too big to play with Ellis on his play mat so he settled for the big kid toys.

Thanks to all of the babies and mommys who visited us and checked in over the last month. Your friendship, companionship, and food :) was very much appreciated.

Ringing in the 'Terrible Twos'

Since Easter fell early this year, it just so happened to be right around Cavin's birthday. So we thought 'why not combine the two?' and that proved to be an excellent idea! We asked Cavin's friends to hop on over to our house for an Easter egg hunt with some cupcakes on the side to celebrate the little man's 2nd birthday.

Of course, no Spruiell celebration would be complete without Marisa's cupcakes.

The favor bags for the toddlers (Cavin's friends) and babies (Ellis' friends)...

I had to bring back the watermelon bug (well...bunny this year) from last year!

We borrowed a bouncy castle from our friends Janessa and Nick (thanks guys!)...the toddlers really enjoyed it.

And the Easter bunny made a surprise appearance!

I love this photo Janessa took of me taking a photo...because that's usually where I am...behind the lens!

While Mike usually has the video camera in his hand...

Cavin and his friends enjoyed the cupcakes (as did the adults but I won't show you pictures of that).

Cavin enjoying the gossip Jenna is sharing with him...

Ellis had some friends stop by too!

And, all the way in Colorado, Grandma Fye was able to join the party as well!

It was a really fun time. A big thank you goes to Janessa and Nick for allowing us to use their bouncy castle, Janessa for taking lots of pictures so I could enjoy the party, to Lesley and Mike for letting us borrow their toddler table, and to my parents for helping us set up, cook, clean, and wrangle the kids so we could finish up last minute details. The party went off without a hitch and I'm pretty sure the kids had a blast!

And with the celebrations behind us, bring on the 'Terrible Twos'...