Thursday, November 20, 2008

Animal Planet Population = 5 plus 1

Well, our biggest news yet is the population of Animal Planet is increasing! Those of you who have yet to hear our wonderful news may think that I've adopted yet another animal (decent assumption) but you are wrong! Mike and I decided we needed to even out the human to animal ratio and are adding another one of our own:

No I have not eaten too many pizza and cookies...well, actually that could be part of it. Either way, inside that rounded belly is our baby! The above picture was taken exactly a week ago when we were at 17 weeks and 4 days. We are in the middle of our 18th week now. To those unfamiliar with these pregnancy terms, that's almost 4.5 months and in our 2nd trimester.

We had a pretty detailed ultrasound at 12weeks (6 weeks ago) to check various measurements. So if you are like my Houston co-workers and simply think I've just become fat, here your proof:

And to answer my most common questions I've received:

1) Is Mike excited? I think it is funny when people ask me this. Of course he is! He has been a very active participant in the pregnancy. He has been to every appointment, bought me tons of healthy snacks, has been very patient with my sleeping habits, makes me breakfast in the morning, and is making comments daily about the size of my growing belly. He even raided the Broncos store while we were in Denver and came back with onesies, jerseys, dinner set (plates, bowls, forks, spoons), and a bib. There's no doubt our baby will be a Broncos fan!

2) How do you feel? Are you nauseous? I have felt great throughout my pregnancy! I didn't experience the nausea that many women feel. I can probably chalk that up to the constant snacking I have been doing. My only debilitating symptom in my first trimester was exhaustion! Like we are talking in bed by 8pm exhaustion...every night! My second trimester has been a bit more friendly in that there's maybe only one night a week when I have an 8pm bedtime. This week I've been experiencing some lower back pain but I'm sure yoga will solve that problem.

3) Is it a boy or girl? WE FIND OUT TOMORROW MORNING!!!!!!!

4) Do you have any intuition as to if it is a boy or girl? The answer is no. But really, if I did, that means nothing more than if you guessed the sex of the baby. I have taken a poll with my co-workers and as the poll stands we are at 9 people voting girl and 8 people voting boy. And believe me, they've used all the "old wives tales" from where I am carrying the baby to if I've experienced morning sickness to if I've had a metallic taste in my mouth. So it is a pretty accurate poll at almost 50/50.

5) Do you want a boy or a girl? Honestly, I'm 50/50. Either way, we are going to be surprised and excited! There have been times I wanted a girl and times I've wanted a boy. There are pluses to both. I am just geared up to pick colors and themes out so I'm hoping the baby is healthy and cooperative tomorrow!

6) Have you felt it move yet? Yes! I felt our baby move for the first time about 1.5 weeks ago. It is such an amazing feeling too! And last night was the first time I could feel it from the outside of my belly. I tried to get Mike to feel but it didn't quite work out. I have already figured out that at the stage my baby is in now, he/she is shy and does not respond to poking. So I gave Mike strict instructions. "Lie next to me and gently place your hand right here and wait. Do not push, do not poke, do not apply pressure. The baby is shy just like its mommy." Well, that lasted about 30 seconds. Mike cannot sit still and kept using this as an opportunity to not only tickle me but poke at the baby. Sigh.

7) What do the animals think of this? Well, let me start off by giving props to my baby Sandy. She knew I was pregnant before any of us did. Days before I took a pregnancy test she followed me around everywhere! She never does this. She is a pretty independent doggie and for her to follow me like white on rice...well, it was very peculiar behavior. Mike and I continuously made comments about it. Well, low and behold, we tested a few days later and learned we were pregnant! After some online research I learned that dogs can smell the added progesterone in your body. Toby is more curious with the baby room than anything else. We have a strict 'no animals in the baby room' rule and Toby knows it and doesn't like it. The second we open the door he is in there! And Jerry, well Jerry is in denial. I don't think he is happy that attention will be taken away from him.

8) How much weight have you gained? 8 pounds at 18 weeks...not bad!

9) How is the baby doing? He / she is doing really well. We've had a few genetic tests done that have all come out with good numbers. The baby's heart rate is anywhere between 155 and 158 bpm which is normal. With the exception of our very first appointment he / she has measured on target or just a little bit longer or further along. The baby seems to be moving more and more these days. I notice it more in the mid-morning, late afternoon, on my bart ride home, and at about 8:30ish at night. Tomorrow we will know a lot more as we have a pretty detailed ultrasound scheduled.

10) What is your due date? April 19, 2009

So look for an update tomorrow with updated pics and to see if we are evening out the male to female ratio on Animal Planet or if Sandy and I are going to continue to be the lone females...

It's been a while

Sorry it has been a while since my last update. We have been really busy getting settled into our new home in Lafayette. The transition has been really great. I've found that being closer to friends is a BIG plus and I did not realize how close to Walnut Creek we are. For the out of towners, Walnut Creek is known for its huge outdoor mall (think Galleria in Houston but not AS awesome....BUT all outdoors) naturally I'm there every weekend. It has a ton of my favorite chain restaurants (so suburbia) and Eileen, Jana, and Mer will be happy to know that we have visited the local Chili's but refrained from taking a menu. :) Mom and I ate at PF Changs too...I'm a sucker for the chain restaurants.

We are also walkable to the Walnut Creek Open Area. Actually our street runs us right into the entrance. This is a big hilly open area where we can let the dogs offleash to roam and smell cow patties. It has great views of the East Bay and I'm hoping we take them there quite a bit.

I've also found that people are much friendlier in the East Bay. I was beginning to think Californians, in general, needed a little lesson from "The Friendly State" of Texas. Alas, I'm thinking it is just San Franciscans. The other day we walked the dogs to a shopping center near our house and, not only did the pups get a TON of attention from everyone but one of the shop owners gave us some free tea packs from her store to welcome us to the neighborhood. I'm thinking I could do this suburbia thing...

Oh! And does anyone want any lemons? We have a pretty large lemon tree in our front yard that I have no clue what to do with. I pulled one off the other day and it smells devine! If anyone has any ideas for recipes using lots of lemons, please pass them along. We also have an orange tree in the backyard as well; however, it isn't getting enough sun to grow big oranges. :(

I'll update with pictures soon...