Saturday, October 13, 2012

More Little Words

Last I checked I've been on health kick trying to lose the last 5 pounds from my pregnancy with Ellis.  I thought I was doing pretty well...that is, until my conversation with Cavin yesterday morning.  Now I'm questioning my efforts!

Cavin: "Mommy, let's do it again!"
Mommy: "Let's do what again honey?"
Cavin: "Your was big!  Let's paint Ellis' room.  Ellis will get in your tummy, we'll paint his room, and then he'll come out of your tummy again."
Mommy: "Uhhhmmm..."
Cavin: "Well, first I'll get in your tummy, we'll paint my room...then Ellis will get in your tummy and we'll paint his room!"
Mommy: "That's not quite how it works...and you two are a little too big for mommy's tummy right now."
Cavin: "I know!  We'll BOTH get in your tummy!!"

Cavin in my tummy
Ellis in my tummy

I don't think I could fit two of them at the same time.  One made me big enough!

And then today....

Cavin: "Mommy, are you married?"
Mommy: "Yes"
Cavin:  "Are you married to daddy?"
Mommy: "Yes"
Cavin: "Why are you married to daddy?"
Mommy: "Well, because I love him."
Cavin: "And because you are a woman?"
Mommy: "Sure. That too."

Well, that was a fun and unexpected way to show off some old pictures!

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