Friday, December 5, 2008

And I gained weight!

In all the right places....

This picture was taken today at 20 weeks, 5 days...that's about 5 months along.

All is going well. I feel great and the baby is kicking away. Mike has resorted to laughing at me occasionally when he sees me sitting or standing in a way that accentuates my growing belly. He has found humor in the fact that I look like I've just drank WAY too many beers over the last year. Honestly, it catches me off guard sometimes too and it makes me crack a smile. That being said, I still warn him that at some point the hormones will kick in and I'm going to start feeling self-conscious and he's going to make me cry.

His response: "I'm laughing because you are so cute!"

Does this make sense to anyone else?

I will of course remember this when HE has a growing belly. We women have great memories for these kinds of things. :)


Mully said...

Jamie-your bump is so cute!

Erin T said...

OMG you are precious!!!! Love those pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!